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Stormwater Management and Risk Assesment for Yildiz Technical University Campus.

Rainwater Management within the Framework of Sustainable Campus

From beginning of the urbanization, rainwater management and use has been an important issue for society. The needs to water forced the society to come closer to near of the water source and made them to manage the water (to keep, to use or to drain as quickly as possible). Storm water management was always an issue for the cities. At the beginning of modern cities, its management was considering with wastewater. After the expansion of the cities and impermeable areas, more rainwater went inside of existing collection system and made the system insufficient. After that, seperate storm water systems was designed and applied to manage storm water properly. These systems are known as conventional systems. Main purpose of these systems is to convey rainwater as quickly as possible from cities to prevent negative effects of floods. However, conventional systems was not the only systems that considered managing rainwater in the cities. Before the modern conventional systems, a lot of design were applied to drain and to use rainwater. For example, cisterns can be found in all cities over the World as a successful rainwater management of past. These structures were used to collect rainwater and to reuse whenever it was needed. In time, expansion of cities and instant increase in urban population made important to drain water as quickly as possible from the cities and made the cisterns unnecessary for the drainage systems. Nowadays, cisterns are mostly just historical monuments (e.g. Basilica Cisterns). However, the purpose of these structures still exists and even includes functions such as preventing or reducing the floods in today’s cities.

Today, the problems caused by storm water with the help of the increase in precipitation intensities and the acceleration of urbanization are visible all over the world. Especially, handling of water management carefully are getting more important in the big cities. Although, there are a lot of existing storm water systems. Nowadays, they are getting insufficient with the intense rain flows that are mostly caused by global warming and expansion of impermeable areas. Recent works show that, in addition of conveyance systems, modern cisterns and detention basins are most required management system in cities. Because, they have both storage purpose and water retention purposes.

In this work, rainwater management within the framework of sustainable campus in Yildiz Technical University is main purpose. In this context, we did examination of the existing storm water systems (drainage lines, cisterns, tanks) on the campus and preparation of active use projects of existing holding tanks. In addition, we planned to contribute to irrigation water needs by the reuse of rainwater and to show that the damage caused by excess rainfall can be reduced to acceptable levels by detention. Consequently, main target is to demonstrate that sustainable storm water systems can be added to conventional systems and addition of it can make conventional systems more efficient.


Master Thesis

Advisor: Prof. Dr. F. İlter TÜRKDOĞAN

Department of Environmental Engineering

Keywords: Storm water harvesting, environment, management, risk.

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